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We believe in crafting masterpieces which our clients would love.
Providing a fast, customized and trustworthy service are the values we hold dearly.
Quality is never a compromise.

our strengths

Flexible Payment Terms

Payment has never been easier with us as a partner. We offer our client a wide range of options for payment.

Forwarding Service

Our partnership with a Logistics firm help towards a hassle free delivery to your hands.

Dedicated Sampling House

Our own sampling house makes development much faster and easier.

Washing Technician

A team of professional washing technicians will help you attain the perfect look which you are looking for.

Full Setup Auditor Team

With dedicated teams of merchandisers, quality control officers and support executives, we ensure your voices are heard and implemented.

dedicated team

Own set of merchandisers, quality control officers for one order only.

constant supervision

Our team stays at the factory the entire time throughout production to ensure quality is properly maintained.

daily meeting

Everyday meetings are conducted to keep record of the progress and discuss about the steps that can be taken to further improve the overall order efficiency.

quality assurance

buyer engagement

We are all hears to what you want, how you want, when you when, helping you every step of the way.

quality through tests

Quality is ensured by conducting fabric shrinkage test, GSM test, shade test, tear strength test, etc.

section-wise inspection

Every product is checked from choosing the fabric, cutting, sewing, washing, pressing, till unloading the goods onto the hands of our client.

7-STEP order execution

Step 1


Our professionals stay all-ears to understand your needs & keeps a constant communication.

Step 2

Product Costing

After understanding your needs, our experienced merchandisers prepare a quotation.

Step 3

Factory Sourcing

When you confirm the order, our merchandisers start to source the best factories to provide you the best product.

Step 4

Product Development​

Sample products are made promptly and sent to you to ensure the products meet your standards.

Step 7


Shipments are made with respect to your specifications by ensuring timely hassle-free delivery.

Step 6

Quality Control

Quality is ensured multiple times throughout the entire pre-production, production and post-production stages.

Step 5

Production Planning

Once you are happy with the sample, we immediately start production planning to ensure deliver before due time.

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Head Office

Flat D1, House 15, Road 07
Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212
[email protected]
+880 1893 425 241

Canada Office

Apartment 1201, 2150 Rue Saint-Marc
H3H 2G7 Montreal, Quebec
[email protected]
+1 43 8725 3669

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